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(Verse One)

Awakened from a dream, Her hands, they shook me with a whisper, A terrified scream reduced into a whimper, Cuz’ something was awry, She urged me to come with her, When my feet hit the floor, We explored, all I remember was the light switch, Which revealed, the smoke billowing above me, Sight hitched, even-keeled, Until my mind went, silent, Time stood still, My fight-or-flight went, “Fight!” then, iPhone sent me to that 9-1-uno, You know, we’re trained for this, But when the moment when it’s real exists, The shock amplifies each minute and it hangs, suspense, so many questions cloud a head, it makes it hard for you to act instead, Without a plan we took the kids from their beds, Informed the neighbor, said a prayer, took some valuables out of our lair, Hopped in the Escape and waited patiently, Sirens a blare, Why is this happening? Father it’s not fair


When life goes up in flames (fire, fire), It’s slow motion, Tomorrow’s a new day (fire, fire), But you feel broken, And everything could change (fire, fire), Here’s to hoping’, That everything’s okay (fire, fire), When you arrive on the other side of the fire

(Verse Two)

I told my daughter she was safe, and Jensen, now we’re in the clear son, They sat in the rear seat, Thankful that I’m not Jack Pearson, The trucks arrived, the end is near, Somebody tried to tell me there was nothing to fear, But since our physical bodies were safe, I thought of several ways, that I could be afraid like, What does it cost be saved? It’s almost 1a, Until the next day, no insurance company, could answer the, “How we gon’ pay?” questions, which meant no assurance, I need a blessing, Beyond, “at least we’re all alive.” How does my family thrive? When all belongings, everything we’ve acquired in life, are subject to be cloaked in smoke, what’s the damage inside? I saw them open the side door and from the basement, More haze rose, unphased they made their way in, To the stairwell, Take care, well, The smell, seems dangerous to inhale, My home’s a literal hell (man)

(Verse Three)

Looked like the spirit of the Devil of himself, Was being exercised, I’m not an exorcist but seen it with my own eyes, As the black was extracted with fans Just feet beneath, The very surface where my family stands, And sleeps nightly , The thought rightly , Implored fright, seeing the fight stemmed a helpless, question inducing plight within, Did it ignite, and when, Would everything be regulated to the point where we could move back in? We’re in a frenzy, Laden with doubt, I played it over in my, head time and time again, faded it out, I prayed about it, I’ll get what’s mine, till then, we made it out, Guess that’s my focus, I’ll see that as a win, I took a walk through it yesterday, I guess the smell of decay Is wet brick meets freshly burned plastic, Nuff’ to turn spastic, feeling fully defeated, Wasn’t it a fire that burned? Feels like my freedom


from The Rhymer​/​Educator Project, released September 28, 2018
Title: The Fire
Track 11 of 19
Album: The Rhymer/Educator Project
Artist: Rhymer/Educator
Release Year: 2018
Written/Performed by Joe Ruiz aka Rhymer/Educator
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sam Henderson of RecordingWithSam at Always Be Genius Recording Studios in Crown Point, IN.


all rights reserved



Rhymer/Educator La Porte, Indiana

Rhymer/Educator. Peace. Love. Community. God. Music. I write songs for me for you. Email for Features/Bookings: RhymerEducator@gmail.com

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