So Hot​/​So Cold (featuring Nitty Scott)

from by Rhymer/Educator



(Verse One)

She makes me think things th-th-things that I want to th-think, like blink blink, she responds to my text, a wink. I got less sense to give, and I’m sensitive, so I stress the best kid is the next to live for her. More or less I’m impressed there is, a living woman in the world who ain’t moraless, but a door hits, closed when I get too close so my throat gets confo’d and my words no spoke, roadblock, she guarded, trust not she parted from me, dummy. She thought of excuses never to love me. Plus I’m young and she questions maturity. Where do I fit? Somewhere left of adulthood but further from adolescence. Beautiful is her presence, making me lose my balance. She can keep walking from me but man, I love a challenge. Shame shame, she in with a lame, lame fo’sho. Never could be the same do the rest compare, no.


She’s so hot, so cold. I’m lost in her tone. Talks on the phone turn to walks alone. I toss and turn upon this bed concerned. That she and I baby, could never work (2x)

(Verse Two)

And so I keep tryin’ tr-tr-tryin’ to pursue her with interest, might stutter each line with enough p-p-persistence, put her head on my shoulder, my girl in that instance. Then she back to the same bit speaking resistance. Okay, see the play-by-play, wearing heels they black stem, to match them, legs they stack them, top torso moreso to trash compact them, too much junk in the back end, must relax then, back when, her hair wasn’t brown, it black then, light complected, yet baby is black-skinned, I’m so caught up, cuz’ she won’t throw back, because her issues with trust they deflect my tactics. Crass girl, so skeptic of this romantic. Baby just think it over, I can’t be branded. Lame, lame, when really the game, game fo’ sho’. Never could be the same. Do the rest compare? No..


You know, you need to make your mind up (make your mind up)
Make your mind up (make your mind up)
Make your mind up (make your mind up)
Change it, confused. Baby girl, that’s what you do
You need to make your mind up (make your mind up)
Make your mind up (make your mind up)
Make your mind up (make your mind up)
Change it, confused. Baby girl, that’s what you do

(Verse Three - Nitty Scott)

Okay, you spend a lot of lines, lots of rhymes to remind us, that this is all because I wasn’t making my mind up. Well hold your narrative, baby boy, cuz your time’s up, don’t act like you wasn’t playing and getting me psyched up, talking about you too good to be true, had me wondering who’s been loving you. If you play me once, then it’s shame on you, but if you flame me twice, well then it’s my fault too. And I ain’t trying to be to blame for my own pain, don’t want to play fair if you rigging the whole game, I told you I was with it, ready and stimulated, them shots was in the dark, but still I reciprocated, I see how you reserve what you got in your reserves. I know you thinking that any minute I might curve. Dang. I guess you just protecting yourself, but you can keep it all lukewarm for someone else.


from The Rhymer​/​Educator Project, released September 28, 2018
Title: So Hot/So Cold (featuring Nitty Scott)
Track 17 of 19
Album: The Rhymer/Educator Project
Artist: Rhymer/Educator
Release Year: 2018
Written/Performed by Joe Ruiz aka Rhymer/Educator and Nitzia Scott aka Nitty Scott, MC
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sam Henderson of RecordingWithSam at Always Be Genius Recording Studios in Crown Point, IN.


all rights reserved



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