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(Verse One)

Maybe I'm a teacher, but I'm a student first. I'm a student of humanity, birthed in commonality, worth a life of happiness and family, handily just a man seeking peace and understanding, but candidly, we're living in a state without neutrality, polarizing mentalities, undeniably challenging, extreme news cycles perpetuate it so casually, eminent casualties if we don't decide to handle this work. See my objective is to make us alert. We've got to be active in action. We've got to choose acts of compassion. We've got to be blessings to masses. We've got to be civil and noble. Let's feed every person that's hungry, put our communities over. I want to be decent and soulful. We ought to be neighbors and saviors. Project a legacy of love and never give life to enslavers. Show people that somebody cares and though it sounds easy on paper, it takes sacrifice, prayer, we've got to work through the layers.


Hold the light (We can hold the light). Hold the light (We can be the light).

(Verse Two)

The thing that I've learned about words is words matter. Throughout history, words have caused blood splatter, started wars and protests, caused people to gather. We march for civil rights and peace, and yet the latter's not accomplished but, we can not give up. We persist so that the hatred won't conquer us. We aspire to speak, like men and women before who when times were bleak showed love an open door and inspired us to change our ways. We admire their conviction and ideas are praised. With an eye on you and me the question has been raised. Will we be leaders of the truth, or just a part of the parade? A part of the facade, but facades fade away, so to truth give a nod and let god show the way. I beg you to be leaders, lovers, healers, through everything. Be the reason, believe that you can save the day.


Hold the light (We can hold the light). Hold the light (We can be the light).

(Verse Three)

We could be the reason they smile and be the reason they eat. Be the reason they laugh, maybe the reason they breathe. Be the reason they have the confidence to be seen. Especially up in the moments when they want to retreat. Embrace the people around you. Take my advice. Choose a positive vibe. Be a good person inside. Be a good person, ignite. Teach’em love cuz it’s right. Let that love shine bright. Teach’em to love and goodnight.


Hold the light (We can hold the light). Hold the light (We can be the light). Hold the light (We can hold the light). Hold the light (We can be the light).


from The Rhymer​/​Educator Project, released September 28, 2018
Title: Hold the Light
Track 18 of 19
Album: The Rhymer/Educator Project
Artist: Rhymer/Educator
Release Year: 2018
Written/Performed by Joe Ruiz aka Rhymer/Educator
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sam Henderson of RecordingWithSam at Always Be Genius Recording Studios in Crown Point, IN.


all rights reserved



Rhymer/Educator La Porte, Indiana

Rhymer/Educator. Peace. Love. Community. God. Music. I write songs for me for you. Email for Features/Bookings: RhymerEducator@gmail.com

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