Full Circle Cypher (Featuring Jones & Cad)

from by Rhymer/Educator

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(Verse One - Jones)

They say what goes around comes around // full circle // and on this track be ready to hit some hurdles // so many chasin’ the cheese I call em Urkels // my team we always had schemes for something worth mo // Varsity dreams from a freshman class // mission never positioned round that freshman swag // well // maybe a little once them whips got gassed // cruisin’ the 219 spittin heat over jazz// Beats now we grown but we still known to spazz // do it a lil’ diff’rent but the message still passed // some do it through class // some while leading mass // some while helping people to get up off they *(pause)* // So you get hip to the theme? Cause it was subtle // knack for usin’ our means to battle against the struggle // music the rocket fuel giving power to our shuttle // orbited round life now we back up in our huddle // full circle


Tick-tick, tock-tick, tick-tock-tick, tick-tick-tock-tick I guess everything comes full circle (2x)

(Verse Two - Cad)

It’s funny when it’s lost, it can’t ever be found Like the hands on a clock, time brings things back around Went from freestylin in the Cadillac To late nights writin rhymes back to back Then I met Jesus, He changed my act Hit them college years, saw that fade to black But in my early twenties, He brought me back Now I’m an elder in the church, how bout that Got back with Theresa, I had to make it right I put a ring on it, yeah I made her my wife Now we on the next chapter, house full of laughter 11 years 3 kids, we happy ever after I finally understand, my role as a man Husband and a father, on my own two I stand Building up my legacy, raising up my pedigree Following the path that God set ahead of me Full Circle


Tick-tick, tock-tick, tick-tock-tick, tick-tick-tock-tick I guess everything comes full circle (2x)


When I was a young boy I saw the ladder and the rungs didn’t intimidate me, no, not none, boy See what I’ve become boy A Rhymer/Educator, self-congratulator, that’s a job well-done boy Rappin’ on the drums boy I couldn’t afford a beat, found a jazz station, let my freestyle run boy Went from shy to uncoy My convoy still the same envoys who I used to rap with back in college Standing with a mic in the closet Never thought I’d have my own project Let alone a chance to get nostalgic RecordingWithSam is where my time spent Got a studio to take my sound and massage it Focused on my content Then I turned around and (turned around and) called my pals in Tryin’ to take that money from a hunnit to a thousand A thousand to infinity Then I’ll give it all to charity (full circle) (Chorus) Tick-tick, tock-tick, tick-tock-tick, tick-tick-tock-tick I guess everything comes full circle


from The Rhymer​/​Educator Project, released September 28, 2018
Title: Full Circle Cypher (Featuring Jones & Cad)
Track 12 of 19
Album: The Rhymer/Educator Project
Artist: Rhymer/Educator
Written/Performed by Joe Ruiz aka Rhymer/Educator, Jon Jones and Garrett Cadwell
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sam Henderson of RecordingWithSam at Always Be Genius Recording Studios in Crown Point, IN.


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Rhymer/Educator La Porte, Indiana

Rhymer/Educator. Peace. Love. Community. God. Music. I write songs for me for you. Email for Features/Bookings: RhymerEducator@gmail.com

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