Verse One

When I’m an old man, white head
Feet in the bed
Ready to sleep, I’ll make a documentary of memories that’ll creep
Into my mental vault
Catapult me into the now
What will I make those memories be about?
Should it be effortless, a job that anybody could get?
Or should I work hard, dream big, and make a career?
Out of my passion the masses travel in packs
Find an attachment to souls who remain in the cracks
Will it outlast, like a fast when it’s finally through
After the hunger, sacrifice and endless wishing subdue
I’ll make a colony of men and women ready to use
Communication as a way to limit negative news
No longer sentence domesticity coupled with abuse
A healthy family could ultimately stop what we knew
There is so candidly so much damage we have to undo
But in the long run you can change the world simply changin you
(I can feel it)


Change, is inevitable
Change, is inevitable (ible, ible, ible, ible)

Verse Two

Within development, we revel in a new day and age
But like the olden days, a category labels the phase
The children learning, teen rebellin’, turnin’ into their friends
Can never tell where one of them begins, the other one ends
Then comes a time when all concern is to discover yourself
The new addiction, form opinions without somebody’s help
Might even come a day when you refuse to open your ears
Because the falsities are plenty, facts are commonly scarce
Following this you get the setup for the rest of your years
Seeking the knowledge anywhere, determining who you care to agree with
The company you keep, you’ve gotta ask will I leave with
A new perspective, fresh air to breathe with
See this
Imagine losing youth
Having the knowledge that you
Haven’t accomplished anything
Change has come to rescue, you
We all develop
And everything is set up
So if you feel me planet earth we need to get up


Change, is inevitable
Change, is inevitable (ible, ible, ible, ible)


Do you want a change? (Yes! You know we want a change!)
Do we need a change? (Yes! We really need a change!)
Do we need a change? (Yes! We really need a change!)
Can we be the change? (Yes! We can be the change!)


from The Rhymer​/​Educator EP, released April 27, 2018
Songwriter: Joe Ruiz
Instrumentation: Sinima Beats
Recorded at Always Be Genius Recording Studios
Registered with BMI Music Publishing


all rights reserved



Rhymer/Educator La Porte, Indiana

Rhymer/Educator. Peace. Love. Community. God. Music. I write songs for me for you. Email for Features/Bookings: RhymerEducator@gmail.com

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